Pre-Owned & Ex-Demo

From time to time we have available a number of top quality pre-owned, ex-hire and ex-showroom instruments available at competitive prices which are generally available for viewing in Shaw. Do contact us immediately for additional details since these instruments often sell
very quickly. In most cases photographs of the actual console will be used, however in some cases representative photos will be used. These organs all include a pedalboard and a bench.

The guarantee periods we offer are:-

Johannus: new, ex-showroom, ex-hire 10 years parts, 5 years labour
Johannus: pre-owned 2 years parts, 2 years labour
Makin: new, ex-showroom, ex-hire 10 years parts, 10 years labour
Makin: pre-owned 2 years parts, 2 years labour

Delivery and basic installation is to be added to all prices, typically this is £500.

Pre-owned instruments have the voicing as agreed with the previous owner. Additional voicing work is chargeable.

Click to see Copeman Hart and Johannus pre-owned and ex-demo instruments.
Makin Chamber
Makin Chamber (pre-owned) £10,000.00
Reference 10486
Built in 1998
Split Console
Wooden Drawstops
30 Note Straight Pedalboard
1 Manual, 12 Stops, 5 Internal Channels of Amplification

The organ is finished in mahogany with tin display pipes, the mouths of which are highlighted in gold paint.  The organ has wooden drawstops with square shanks, nameplates engraved in brass and handmade reverse colour keyboard which slides into the case when not in use.

Open Diapason 8'
Stopt Diapason 8'
Dulciana 8'
Principal 4'
Flute (bass) 4'
Flute (treble) 4'
Fifteenth 2'
Sesquialtera (bass) (12.17) II
Cornet (treble) (12.17)  II
Hautboy (middle C)  8'

Bourdon 16'
Stopt Flute 8'
Manual to Pedal

WMC 2-16T
Westmorland Custom 2-16 Tab (ex-demo) £14,950.00 with external UL speakers for church use
This represents a saving of £4,500 on the list price
Reference 40249
Built in 2007
Medium Oak
Illuminated Tab Control
2 Manuals, 16 Stops, 9 Channels of amplification
Click here for the specification
Custom 2-34
Makin 2-34 Custom (ex showroom ref 41900) £29,000.00 (Located at Henderson's Music in Derry)
Built in 2008
Dark Oak
Illuminated Tab Control in delux console with oak panelling
2 Manuals, 34 Stops
12.1 Channels of Internal Amplification with high power amplifiers and speaker set for a large church with 1 of UL5000 and 12 of UL2200
Wood-based keys, adjustable music desk, height adjustable bench