What a great year!

2017 Was a wonderful year for Makin Organs with many installations of Rydal, Thirlmere and Windermere instruments in homes, schools and churches across the whole of the UK. In the last few weeks of the year we had confirmations of new orders as far apart as Bristol, Dartford, Derry & Oban.

Our reputation continues to grow with the comments of a home customer Mr Johnson in Seaton being typical: “I have been most impressed with all aspects of my ChurchOrganWorld experience, from the moment of my first enquiring about the purchase of a new instrument. I knew already that you have top quality products to offer, having previously played several of your earlier installations over recent years, but I have been especially reassured by the genuine friendliness and professionalism of all members of the Company staff with whom I have been in contact.” He added “The very fact that you, Dr Harrington, attended personally for the installation and have now made a follow-up visit to make those minor adjustments demonstrates to me a real family team spirit and determination to be the best.”

However, our reputation also grows abroad, especially with English speaking countries with a love of the true English organ with exciting installations for example in Australia and New Zealand.

Open days and Roadshow events around the country are being held on the first Saturday and every month in 2018.