Stunning Makin Windermere Installation

This will be the view that Ian Tracey and Keith Harrington will have next week when they voice this beautiful Windermere drawstop organ at St Vincent’s Church in Altrincham. With the console on the choir balcony at the west end of church, the organist has a commanding view of the building and has an excellent line of sight to the Altar. The organ is a light oak colour matching well the furniture on the balcony; the natural light from the clerestory windows throws interesting shadows over the console.

This is the perfect instrument for them. The Windermere was designed by Ian Tracey and Keith Harrington to specifically meet the needs of a church with a comprehensive specification spread over three manuals and pedals; it very much reflects both our company history and the English tradition of organ building.

Makin Organs was founded by John Pilling in 1970. Mr Pilling lived in the Lake District and took so much inspiration from the beautiful scenery where mountains, lakes and rivers are often all in the same photograph, and indeed where you can often see four seasons in a single day! He very much took this emotion to his instruments and used the best technology he could to deliver the English organ sound to customers. Over fifty years later we continue to deliver this emotion, but using today’s incredible technology with the Rydal, Thirlmere and Windermere instruments, all named after lakes in what is arguably the most beautiful county in our country.

Who says that tradition, emotion and technology can't come together?